Hexwood (spoilers)

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Fri Jan 18 14:28:15 EST 2002

>From: The Venkarel
>Now *I'm* confused.  Vierran and the remaining
>Reigners (and the anti-Reigner faction) show up only
>after the other Reigners and operatives had been
>captured by the Bannus field.  So how was Ann able to
>observe all the comings and goings at the farm and to
>interact with Hume and Mordion?  Is it that everything
>we're reading only happens once everyone was captured
>by the Bannus field, and since it's continually
>changing the scenarios and messing with people's
>minds, we're only getting the idea that time is

it's weird, isn't it? i'm confused now myself!
i think the bannus must be replaying some things for ann's benefit.
there are at least a few days where ann and mordion and hume can't actually 
interact, but that's easy enough to write off -- they could pass as normal 
days (time-wise) if the bannus so chose. but ann getting into the act means 
everyone is set up the way the bannus wants.

the first couple days are passed with hume being confused and alone (and yam 
guides him, briefly) ... when mordion was initially incarnated as a dragon 
in the wood, who hume throws a stick into the mouth of.
obviously that didn't have a future so the bannus grabbed (vierr)ann when 
she arrived and forced mordion full of martellian's memories, starting the 
chain of events that was much more potentially lucrative (and did end in the 
defeat of reigner one.)

>And every time Ann leaves the Bannus
>field, she only *thinks* she's leaving?  (So her
>illness is just a way for the Bannus to get her to
>notice the farm and bring her into the main scenario.
>Anyway, it reflects her real life, too, since she's
>been relatively isolated in the costuming department
>on the Reigner homeworld.  Was anyone else entertained
>that the costumes come from Oxfam and Salvation Army
>^_^)  Though then, you have to wonder what is blocking
>out the voices of the King, Slave, Prisoner, and Boy.
>Maybe that's just the Wood itself.

right. the bannus field is much, much larger than anyone (even reigner one) 
suspects. the bannus admits itself that it (paraphrased but accurate) "was 
useful to let people think the wood's field was my own."  whenever ann 
leaves what she thinks is the bannus' field (that is, she leaves banners 
wood) she is actually leaving the wood's field, not the bannus'. the bannus' 
field extends throughout the entire town.

and the wood is what blocks the voices of the others. i am not entirely sure 
why at the moment.

>(who was confused for most of the book, but had faith
>it would come together)

oh, it does... it's just so intricate and confusing that it's hard to 
believe it ever managed it!


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