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Well, in case you didn't know, spoilers for Hexwood

--- Hallie O'Donovan <hallieod at indigo.ie> wrote:
> Christian:


> >there has to be more to it than that, though,
> doesn't there? because 
> >she sets up with her parents with that as the cover
> story. maybe to
> >keep her away from reigners one and three? the
> bannus is pretty sneaky.
> Wait, sorry, I'm not with you quite on the cover
> story bit.  All I'd 
> managed to think of the illness was that she was
> kept in bed to be 
> able to observe all the comings and goings (or not)
> over at the farm.

Now *I'm* confused.  Vierran and the remaining
Reigners (and the anti-Reigner faction) show up only
after the other Reigners and operatives had been
captured by the Bannus field.  So how was Ann able to
observe all the comings and goings at the farm and to
interact with Hume and Mordion?  Is it that everything
we're reading only happens once everyone was captured
by the Bannus field, and since it's continually
changing the scenarios and messing with people's
minds, we're only getting the idea that time is
topsy-turvy?  And every time Ann leaves the Bannus
field, she only *thinks* she's leaving?  (So her
illness is just a way for the Bannus to get her to
notice the farm and bring her into the main scenario. 
Anyway, it reflects her real life, too, since she's
been relatively isolated in the costuming department
on the Reigner homeworld.  Was anyone else entertained
that the costumes come from Oxfam and Salvation Army
^_^)  Though then, you have to wonder what is blocking
out the voices of the King, Slave, Prisoner, and Boy. 
Maybe that's just the Wood itself.

(who was confused for most of the book, but had faith
it would come together)

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