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>From: "Daphne Lee"
>Can anyone tell me why Ann is ill when we first meet her? How does >this 
>aspect of her fit into her real identity as Vierran. Speaking of >which, do 
>people feel that the real Ann/Vierran is Ann? Is this >because you spend 
>more time with Ann and her earth incarnation is >better developed than her 
>Reigner one?

why ann's ill...? hrmm.
i think that it's possibly because she spent that time despairing in the 
hotel bed. if the bannus takes ahold of someone while they feel a certain, 
temporary way, they'll mistake it for something more permanent. (reigner 
two's horrible affliction that is a mere bruise.) there has to be more to it 
than that, though, doesn't there? because she sets up with her parents with 
that as the cover story. maybe to
keep her away from reigners one and three? the bannus is pretty sneaky.

i never felt that the "real" vierran/ann is ann because, well, she's not. i 
understand that you just mean you feel like it's the more "true" character. 
but i'm pretty accepting of sitation in books, unless it's pretty 
preposterous. i was able to make the leap. i don't dislike vierran, and in 
fact, she amuses me as a character. though i do agree she's not quite as 
sympathetic as ann.

>I've read Hexwood just once and I have a head like a sieve so I can't 
> >remember if we are given a detailed description of Ann. Hume says to >her 
>that he likes her cheekbones and her blue eyes with brown skin or 
> >something like that and her hair. It's an attractive description and 
> >when she says something about being dumpy it's surprising because 
> >there's no indication of this.

well, hume also drops her instantly as soon as she mentions siri (lady 
sylvia.. right? it's sylvia i think.) she's hurt by this. so i guess the 
inference is that when she's the only girl she's "good enough" but if 
there's the promise of something better, not really. (for hume, anyway, 
being a rather superficial "teenager" at the time.)


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