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>From: "Daphne Lee"
>I preferred Ann to Vierran. I haven't worked out exactly why, but 
> >basically I warmed to Ann more. And perhaps because you get to know >Ann 
>much better than you do Veirran (I'm not even sure if I've spelt >her name 

well, ann is certainly a more sympathetic character because she's a naive 
child. they are both very clever. also, i think when vierran goes soppy 
toward the end of the book over mordion it's a bit off-putting, even if it's 
completely understandable. the book sort of pulls away from her when the 
reveal (ann -> vierran) is made, and you end up feeling much more sympathy 
for mordion starting from that point on.

>I found my imagination working over time when it came to the >description 
>of the training of Mordien and his siblings. What was done >to his sister? 
>Has DWJ ever commented on this?

not to my knowledge. i think it's left up to our imaginations. Something 
Very Nasty. perhaps that one can only do with reigner powers and lifetimes 
of practice. best not to dwell on it, i think.


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