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Fri Jan 18 06:08:57 EST 2002

Hello everyone, I'm Catherine. 

I'm not sure whether it's the done thing to just jump
into a discussion when one delurks, but I am dying to
talk about _Hexwood_ - so please forgive me!

About Ann's appearance - we aren't given a detailed
description of her, but bits and pieces crop up
through the book (doesn't DWJ say somewhere that she
prefers to reveal bits about a character's appearance
like that?). I think that her description of herself
as 'dumpy' may well stem from her comparison of
herself with her beautiful cousin (whose name I have,
shamefully, forgotten) when she is Vierran; but I
think we are meant to assume that Ann/Vierran is
indeed attractive - crinkly brown hair and all. Or
certainly, that she is attractive to Mordion.

This reminds me a bit of Sophie, who seemed to me to
think of herself as 'plainer' than her sisters, but
who is extremely attractive to Howl when he first sees
her at the fair...

--- Daphne Lee <daphne at thestar.com.my> wrote: > > 
> I've read Hexwood just once and I have a head like a
> sieve so I can't remember if we are given a detailed
> description of Ann. Hume says to her that he likes
> her cheekbones and her blue eyes with brown skin or
> something like that and her hair. It's an attractive
> description and when she says something about being
> dumpy it's surprising because there's no indication
> of this. 

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