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Fri Jan 18 03:24:49 EST 2002

Can anyone tell me why Ann is ill when we first meet her? How does this aspect of her fit into her real identity as Vierran. Speaking of which, do people feel that the real Ann/Vierran is Ann? Is this because you spend more time with Ann and her earth incarnation is better developed than her Reigner one?

I've read Hexwood just once and I have a head like a sieve so I can't remember if we are given a detailed description of Ann. Hume says to her that he likes her cheekbones and her blue eyes with brown skin or something like that and her hair. It's an attractive description and when she says something about being dumpy it's surprising because there's no indication of this. This is not to say that dumpy can't mean attractive, just that it's generally thought that being slender is more desirable and perhaps one tends to see oneself in a less favourable light than others do and so Ann describes herself as dumpy and Hume doesn't mention it at all. And also, perhaps, I get the idea that Vierran is less attractive than Ann because we first encounter her from the Reigner's viewpoint which is warped anyway.

I'm rambling.

Anyway, I never saw it coming that Anna and Vierran are the same person. When Vierran is ordered to accompany Reigner Three to earth, I felt annoyed that she'd probably be Ann's rival for Mordien's affections. It did seem to me pretty obvious that Ann and Mordien would end up together. Creating Hume together seemed to hint at that. And there is a tradition of DWJ couples arguing a lot, isn't there? Sexual chemistry and all that, I suppose? 

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