Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Thu Jan 17 17:06:05 EST 2002

>>  >I'm currently reading Hexwood for the first time and would love 
>>to discuss it with someone or everyone.
>>We recently had a discussion on _Hexwood_ here, so it's still fresh in our
>>minds--go ahead and post whatever you like to get the ball rolling.  Though
>>you might want to read the archived messages on the subject first, if you're
>>worried about repetition.  We don't seem to have a problem with people
>>asking the same questions over and over again, actually.
>i second that motion -- discuss away! i adore hexwood and it never 
>got as explored as i hope, but since i basically hope for no one to 
>shut up about it, ever, that wasn't terribly likely in the first 
>place. go for it.

:)  I also hoped we weren't finished, but any chance of my entering 
the discussion was blown away by holiday franticness.  So I'm happily 
thirding the motion.  Now there's a nice, unintimidating welcome to 
the list: Hey, we're all glad to meet you Daphne, now *you* start up 
the discussion on _Hexwood_ again for us.  :)


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