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Wed Jan 16 17:18:32 EST 2002

Sallyo replying to Deborah:

>  > Hmm.  ObDWJ: Actually the only ObDWJ I can think of is an
>>  entirely new thread.  See, that story in Sluggy is a little too
>>  violent for my taste, which gets me to thinking ... what *is* an
>>  appropriate age group for Dark Lord of Derkholm?  I mean, what
>>  happens to Shona is so horrific, and is barely dealt with.
>I always think of DL, DS and SWM as adult, but YOTG seems younger. DWJ
>writes for at least four different ages.

Yes, and they're not fixed in stone either - different things upset 
different people.  (Now there's a profound and original insight! 
Sorry.)  I read Becca DLoD when it came out (so she was 13-ish), and 
she was fine with the Shona bit, but very upset by Derk's and Mara's 
relationship (avoiding spoilers here.)  Hexwood is always considered 
YA, but personally I find it more upsetting than DL.  I've read 
neither to Cara, who loved F&H a year or two ago, and also liked YotG 

So to answer D's question another way, I'd consider it YA, with 
caveats about what is likely to get at a particular ya.

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