punting (was: Best of 2001)

Corrick, Georgia g.corrick at southampton.gov.uk
Thu Jan 17 04:46:33 EST 2002

Sallyo & Paul wrote:

>> And it's Cambridge where they go punting, anyway.
>My mistake :-(
>However, did Bill Melbury not go to Oxford? And he went punting with Pen
>some other friends in The Gates of Bannerdale.

They do punt in Oxford - as I recall they have long arguments about which is
the "right" way to punt, the Cambridge method or the Oxford. (Don't ask me
which is which, I can't remember.)

Georgia (qualifying as a lurker now - haven't had time to mail for the last
couple of months, been too busy at work. It seems to be slowing down a bit
now so I might even manage to put in my 2 euros about Hexwood at some point
- I did appreciate everyone else's comments, which helped me to understand
the book better. I do find it strange it was & is marketed as a children's
book - I wonder if it wd have been were it not for the Ann section being
right at the start.)

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