Comics and More (was Re: Best of 2001) (OT)

christian nutt ferricide at
Thu Jan 17 03:12:42 EST 2002

imo, you can't skip "a doll's house" and truly "get" sandman, and it's 
pretty dark. so it's an all-or-nothing proposition.


>Sandman gets less dark is the series continues, but it began as a
>horror comic, and one of the earliest issues has a really really
>extremely nasty self-mutilation scene.  I would start with
>something lighter, personally.  Or start in Sandman, mid series.
>The Books of Magic original graphic novel (not the compilations
>of the Books of Magic series, based on the graphic novel, which
>came later) has a very similar feel to Sandman (it is also
>written by Gaiman) but is not nearly so dark.

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