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Lucien tubbydome at
Thu Jan 17 01:17:39 EST 2002

Various peoples:

> Yes, come to think of it, that Books of Magic is
> the one I started
> > with.  It has a scene where the main character
> meets Dream (the
> > Sandman) and that convinced me to read the Sandman
> books themselves -
> > I just thought this guy was so gorgeous, I had to
> find out more about
> > him!

That's what struck me about Dream - he's a very
attractive man somehow. I don't find him very good
looking but I find him very charismatic. THe Sandman
comics was what got me started on Neil Gaiman in the
first place.


Le Petite Livre Noir
"You're not the only one who can do toads, you know!"
Calcifer, Castle in the Air

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