My first DWJ book

Lucien tubbydome at
Thu Jan 17 01:11:44 EST 2002


Mine was Howl's Moving Castle at age 12. Allow me a
little self-obsession here. I borrowed it from the
class library, loved it and to my horror, the book was
not available in public stores (I live in S'pore).
Whenever I wanted to re-read it, I had to go to the

3 years down the road, my sister borrowed the book
from the same collection, and sine we couldn't seem to
get the books from local bookstores, we conspired to
steal it. We reported it lost and gave the school
collection another book instead. ^%^

>From there, I just moved on to read her other books
though HMC is still my sentimental favourite. A Tale
of Time City is the next best for me, coz I just love
the butter pies. 

I was so cheered when they finally started reprinting
her books recently. I now have multiple copies of HMC
(the highest compliment I give a book).  ^_^


Le Petite Livre Noir
"You're not the only one who can do toads, you know!"
Calcifer, Castle in the Air

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