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> On Tue, 15 Jan 2002 14:26:55 -0800 (PST), The
> Venkarel wrote:
> >Venkarel
> >(who is now listening to the audiobook of "Wild
> >Robert" because none of the libraries own the book)
> I had the same problem.  On the other hand, we had
> it for a long drive and
> the kids loved it.  Still, weird that they only have
> the audiotape version,
> eh?

Perhaps not.  amazon.com says it's out of print and
even the audiobook is a 4-6 week (special) order.  I
feel more and more tempted to order my DWJ books from
amazon.co.uk  I dislike the new US covers for the Howl
books--I think they should've gone for something more

I just finished listening to the audiobook today.  I
think Jane Asher is quite talented.  I love all those
different voices and accents.  I was listening to it
in the car, and I became distracted from my driving a
number of times.  Sometimes, I just parked somewhere
to listen to it without distractions.

I felt it was very much a children's book in the
narration, and in the story, in a way, because all the
pranks that Robert was pulling were things that
Heather wished for, and now regretted.  But at the
same time, the story of Wild Robert was so sad, like
Mordion's story in Hexwood.

Spoilers for Wild Robert

After Robert was released from the mound, I felt, like
Heather, that he was acting like a very naughty little
boy.  But towards the end, when Heather learns how
Robert got shut in the mound, I felt really bad for
him.  The ending was a bit of a disappointment to me
because I felt like DWJ cut us off just when things
were getting interesting.  I would have liked to hear
more about Robert's past and how he might be
completely released from the mound.  I wanted to be
there when Heather releases him from the mound for the
day, in the hopes of understanding him.  I wanted to
see what he would do next.


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