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Deborah wrote:

> > Sandman gets less dark is the series continues, but it began as a
> > horror comic, and one of the earliest issues has a really really
> > extremely nasty self-mutilation scene.

Dorian replied:

> Yes, and then there's the serial killers' convention a bit later
> (though personally, I find much of that bit hilarious, but there is
> uckiness in it too), and various other bits.
> What kind of darkness...?  Hm.  There's some graphic violence.
> There's some brooding creepiness.  There's death (of people and in
> person) and loss and grief and tragedy.  There's gut-wrenching bits
> and heart-twisting bits and breath-catching bits...  Think of an
> emotion and somewhere in Sandman, Gaiman evokes it at least once!
> > I would start with
> > something lighter, personally.  Or start in Sandman, mid series.
> > The Books of Magic original graphic novel (not the compilations
> > of the Books of Magic series, based on the graphic novel, which
> > came later) has a very similar feel to Sandman (it is also
> > written by Gaiman) but is not nearly so dark.
> Yes, come to think of it, that Books of Magic is the one I started
> with.  It has a scene where the main character meets Dream (the
> Sandman) and that convinced me to read the Sandman books themselves -
> I just thought this guy was so gorgeous, I had to find out more about
> him!
> As someone else suggested, you could try starting with some of the
> Sandman short story collections (they're still comics, btw).  I don't
> recommend "Dream Country", personally - I picked it up in a bookshop
> once and was immensely put off by the artwork, which I still don't
> like.  (It was a few years later that someone pushed "The Books of
> Magic" and "Preludes and Nocturnes" on me.)  "Fables and Reflections"
> might be a better choice.  Or the novel "A Game of You" isn't too
> horribly dark, as I recall.

Dorian and Deborah, thanks for these comments and your suggestions. It's can
be hard to know if you'll like something, isn't it? I can only try, and go
from there. I'll have to see what I can get hold of (and how much they
are! ). These suggestions will be helfpul.


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