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Question for those who have read this: 








The premise of the whole book seems to be that the fairy folk are all
human with totally reasonable origins of their culture.  Then WHO is the
long grey spidery man who turned into a long dead bundle of bones at the
end????  This seems not-human!?   

Please help, this is really bugging me! 
I think you have a bad assumption there.  I think that the premise of
the book is to allow that question to remain open.  The point of the
book isn't whether they are really fey or not.  The point is that they
are built on a foundation of deception that runs so deep that the
question itself is pretty much moot (and that is why the author took so
many pains to make sure that point was ambiguous).  You can really read
the book from either perspective (that they are ordinary humans with
weird culture and knowledge or that they are really fey with weird
culture and knowledge).  The key is that they are a weird culture
grounded mainly on deception, exploitation, and an assumed superiority.
At least, that's what I took out of the depiction of the fey in the
Jacob Proffitt
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