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Wed Jan 16 11:56:49 EST 2002

--- Gross Family <argross at> wrote:
> I know you're not just talking to me, but thanks,
> Dorian, for this
> info--thanks jenwa and Lizzie and everyone else for
> your suggestions for
> comics--all this has really got me determined to try
> some of the
> suggestions.

yay!  more people reading comics is good.  you're very
very welcome.  :)
> If Sandman is *very* dark, I might try something
> else first. Then again, it
> depends on what kind of dark...

actually, until Dorian mentioned the darkness, i had
sort of forgotten how dark some parts of it are. 
thing is, there *are* some very dark parts.  gaiman
does really very effective horror.  but in my mind
it's the seductive fascinating sort of dark rather
than the graphic brutal sort of dark or the ironic
jaded sort of dark.  and there's an overall
broodingness...  and some very bad things happen, and
there are very bad people.  but it's elevated to the
level of mythic.  and it's not relentlessly dark --
there are funny bits and sweet bits and triumphant
bits and poignant bits and such, too.


i should probably warn people, some of the other
comics on my list have excessive darkness and/or
violence.  Preacher and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
both fall in that catagory (though the former is dark
and the latter is almost light -- sort of absurdist
iroinic massive violence).  Kingdom Come has some
violence, in a dark superhero sort of way.

also, for the people who like Blue Monday (definitely
not dark), try checking out Athena by Dean Hsieh.  it
may be somewhat difficult to find, but it has a
similar style and feel, except that some of the main
characters are Greek gods and goddesses forced into
retirement by the new pantheon.

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