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Wed Jan 16 06:28:44 EST 2002

Dorian wrote:

> Be warned though:  if, like Hallie, you don't much like dark stuff,
> you will probably not like Sandman - I lent her "Preludes and
> Nocturnes" and she didn't like it at all.  There is some pretty
> graphic violence in this and other Sandman books.  (Not to mention
> creepiness...)
> >
> > Ob DWJ: One of the other comics Neil Gaiman worked on
> > was The Books of Magic, and in the front of the first
> > volume he mentions Diana as one of the four witches
> > (the others being, iirc, Terri Windling, Patricia C.
> > Wrede, and Jane Yolen).
> And DWJ, in turn, dedicated "Hexwood" to Neil Gaiman.

I know you're not just talking to me, but thanks, Dorian, for this
info--thanks jenwa and Lizzie and everyone else for your suggestions for
comics--all this has really got me determined to try some of the

If Sandman is *very* dark, I might try something else first. Then again, it
depends on what kind of dark...


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