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Sally Odgers sodgers at
Tue Jan 15 23:32:21 EST 2002

> Hmm.  ObDWJ: Actually the only ObDWJ I can think of is an
> entirely new thread.  See, that story in Sluggy is a little too
> violent for my taste, which gets me to thinking ... what *is* an
> appropriate age group for Dark Lord of Derkholm?  I mean, what
> happens to Shona is so horrific, and is barely dealt with.

I always think of DL, DS and SWM as adult, but YOTG seems younger. DWJ
writes for at least four different ages.


Appropos of little - my fantasy Candle Iron, which is shortlisted for the
Aurealis Awards AND and the WAYBRA list is still languishing withoug a
sequel. "Wait and see how it sells," says my editor. Alas, by the time the
figures come in, and I get the go-ahead (if ever) and write the book and get
published - well, my 12 Y-O fans will be pushing 15. Sigh.


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