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Tue Jan 15 20:47:21 EST 2002

On Tue, 15 Jan 2002, Gross Family wrote:

> As synchronicity would have it, I happened to get a copy of a
> fanzine today that mentioned _The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier &
> Clay_ by Michael Chabon, and the person who wrote about it is
> Australian Bruce Gillespie, so I can ask him where he got his copy
> from. It sounds like something I would definitely like. I haven't
> seen it in any bookshops, though, but we can often be ages behind
> the US regarding books.

The stationery section of supermarkets and department stores might be
worth a try, too. I saw the hardback of tAAoKaC in Target a month or
two back.

> [more snipped here]
> > > _A Red Heart of Memories_ by Nina Kiriki Hoffman.
> >
> > Do you like these?  I do, and I have no idea why, because I can't
> > tell where she's going to end up half the time.  They seem like an
> > extended rambling rather than a coherent narrative.  Apparently
> > this isn't a problem, but I sort of assumed it would be.
> It's interesting that you say this, because I've been thinking along
> similar lines. I haven't yet read the sequel, _Past the Size of
> Dreaming_, but I enjoyed _A Red Heart of Memories_, although I kept
> feeling that something was missing.

I felt the same. _A Red Heart of Memories_ wasn't bad, but I
definitely prefer the short stories.

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