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On Tue, 15 Jan 2002 13:37:40 -0500 (EST), deborah wrote:

>On Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
>|**First way:  Find a local comics shop.  I actually don't like this way
>|because our local place isn't very user-friendly, and it's hard to browse
>|through.  But the owners may be able to steer you in certain directions.
>Many comic book stores are terrible, with almost no indies, and
>clerks who (I kid you not) stare at your chest the whole time
>they're talking to you if you're female.  Undersocialised creeps.

Ours is sort of like this, only the proprietor is an older guy who has
overcome his hormones enough to not stare...he still doesn't have a clue
about conversation.  It's also not very organized in the comics section.
Besides, I'd rather shop online.  (What, me antisocial?  Never.)

>I'm in the process of switching from buying monthly to buying
>when the monthlies are compiled into graphic novels, because
>they're more fun to read.

I worry that my disinclination to support the monthly publication makes it
even less likely that said comics will end up in bound format.  But it's
just too much of a pain the other way.  I sort of vaguely remember a kind of
binder notebook with metal strips down the inner spine, so you can store and
read magazines more easily, but that's probably a Bad Thing when it comes to
comics (mylar protectors and foamcore for support, and never ever eat while awful).

>Comics I read (all are indie; most are girl comics <g>, all but
>Amy Unbounded are available in graphic novel compilations):
> - Girl Genuis (Phil and Katja Foglio): steampunk, silly, comes
>   out way too rarely for my tastes

Did you get the new color issue yet?  I haven't had the cash, but I was
looking forward to it.  Not that it needed color.

> - Scary Godmother (Jill Thompson, who also wrote the "L'il
>   Endless" Sandman book): a great comic for younger kids, about
>   Hannah (maybe 7 years old) and her scary godmother (part
>   witch, part fairy).  Every issue contains a recipe which tells
>   you which parts require adult supervision.

I loved Thompson's L'il Endless!  I think my oldest would like these.  I
should look for them.

> - Castle Waiting (Linda Medley): I bet lots of DWJ fans will love
>   this one.  It's very hard to explain.  Let's see... lots of it
>   takes place in Castle Waiting or is flashbacks from there.
>   It's set in a sort of medieval England but not really.
>   There's sprites and magic.  It's lighthearted, gently
>   feminist, well researched, and a very fun read.

See, now you're just making it harder for me to kick the habit.  :)  This
sounds so intriguing....

Melissa Proffitt

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