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Jenwa Hsung jenwahsung at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 16:02:07 EST 2002

--- Elizabeth Parks <mep3 at st-andrews.ac.uk> wrote:
> Ooh!  Sluggy!  I've read that, usually in fits and
> spurts.  I like it
> (though I want Zoe back!), but I think that it, like
> most of the comic
> world, is male-centric (although Aylee is of course
> a strong feminine role
> model ;).

it is, although many of the female characters are
interesting in their own right.  but the comic is
certainly more focused Riff and Torg.

> Comic stores scare me.  I refuse to go
> into any of them unless
> I'm really well put together--I will break out the
> extra makeup, put on a
> skirt, etc.  I found out the hard way that if you go
> in there in your star
> trek t-shirt, they're likely to treat you like a
> freak and an
> invader.  If you go in looking like you were on your
> way to Victoria's
> Secret and stumbled in by mistake, they treat you
> like a goddess.  It's
> especially fun when you suddenly prove that you know
> what you're talking
> about.  On the other hand, that whole scenario
> suddenly sounds like
> something from the beginning of an adult film.  Eek.

i think this has got to depend on the comic store.  i
got my first job working at a comics and game store by
being perfectly geeky -- i swear i got called to do
the interview just because the owner of the store
wanted to find out what the Assassins' Guild (a
student activity i had listed) was.  i've felt
perfectly comfortable being myself in lots of comic
shops... though, i think i may just live in the right
parts of the world for that...
but i do think part if it involves just having the
attitude that you belong there and projecting it.
i can definitely believe that there *are* comic shops
as you describe [i almost wish i could go to one just
to observe this phenomenon] but i really do want to
assure you that they're not all like that.
hmm.  does anyone know of any good comic shops that
aren't in Minnesota or Massachusetts?

>  Um, getting back to
> the point, I'll have to look up some of those web
> comics you mentioned.

if you like the Japanese style comics, i think you'll
especially enjoy MegaTokyo.
> Most of the stuff I like is Japanese in
> origin and is cheaper
> untranslated--my favorite mangaka is a woman named
> Watase Yu.  I have one
> of her books in English--it was fifteen dollars.  I
> have, well, about two
> dozen of her Japanese works, and they were about six
> dollars each.  Plus
> they take a LOT longer to read, so it works out all
> around :)!

there's only one manga series i've managed to get into
reading in the Japanese version -- Inu Yasha.  it's by
the same woman who does Ranma 1/2, but it has rather
more plot and depth.  thing is, i don't read Japanese
at all, so there has to be a really good translation
available.  there's a fabulous Inu Yasha translation
on the web, but i haven't heard of any really good
translations of other manga on the web (though i
admittedly haven't looked that hard... i have enough
addictions as it is).

> Other than
> that, well, I've always liked the Tick, and I have
> several random editions
> of it lying around.

heh.  a friend of mine as a dark blue-purple
Volkswagon Passat with the license plate SPOON.  it's
very silly, but in a good way.  :)

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