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--- deborah <deborah at> wrote:

> Many comic book stores are terrible, with almost no
> indies, and
> clerks who (I kid you not) stare at your chest the
> whole time
> they're talking to you if you're female. 
> Undersocialised creeps.
> However, if you're lucky... <EVANGALISE> in Harvard
> Square,
> Million Year Picnic is the best comic shop I've ever
> encountered.
> Helpful staff, huge indie section, great
> subscription policy (you
> can have as few as one rarely published comic in
> your
> subscription, which you pick up at the store, and
> there's no
> subscription deposit, and you still get a discount
> on your sub
> comics.</EVANGALISE>  I hear there's a great shop in
> Minneapolis
> as well.

yup, it's called Dreamhaven.  they're happily on the
web ( and you can
order everything from them and my good friend Laura
will package it up and send it to you.  the catalog
itself may not be on the web yet, but they send out
email and hardcopy catalogs every month, just ask to
be on the mailing list.  they have alot of
hard-to-find and obscure stuff.  They should be able
to get anything at all comics-y or SF/Fantasy that's
still in print, and some used/rare items as well.
i love Dreamhaven; it's one of the major things i miss
about Minneapolis/St. Paul, along with Uncle Hugo's
and Uncle Edgar's (SF and Mystery, respectively).

i second everything you've said about Million Year
Picnic, too.  definitely my favorite comic book store
in the Boston area.  really terrific.


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