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Elizabeth Parks mep3 at st-andrews.ac.uk
Tue Jan 15 14:36:11 EST 2002

Ooh!  Sluggy!  I've read that, usually in fits and spurts.  I like it
(though I want Zoe back!), but I think that it, like most of the comic
world, is male-centric (although Aylee is of course a strong feminine role
model ;).  Comic stores scare me.  I refuse to go into any of them unless
I'm really well put together--I will break out the extra makeup, put on a
skirt, etc.  I found out the hard way that if you go in there in your star
trek t-shirt, they're likely to treat you like a freak and an
invader.  If you go in looking like you were on your way to Victoria's
Secret and stumbled in by mistake, they treat you like a goddess.  It's
especially fun when you suddenly prove that you know what you're talking
about.  On the other hand, that whole scenario suddenly sounds like
something from the beginning of an adult film.  Eek.  Um, getting back to
the point, I'll have to look up some of those web comics you mentioned.

As for comics; I always wanted to read them (I most especially adore
superheroes), but I never knew where to start.  The obvious things, like
X-Men and Batman, are so varied and massive that it's hard to know.  I
also find the price for something that takes so little time to read a
little high; I tend to sit in Borders and read them.  The average Mixx
Comic takes maybe twenty minutes.  I am not paying twelve dollars for
that.  Most of the stuff I like is Japanese in origin and is cheaper
untranslated--my favorite mangaka is a woman named Watase Yu.  I have one
of her books in English--it was fifteen dollars.  I have, well, about two
dozen of her Japanese works, and they were about six dollars each.  Plus
they take a LOT longer to read, so it works out all around :)!  Other than
that, well, I've always liked the Tick, and I have several random editions
of it lying around.  And I would really really love to be able to make my
own comic, but I really can't draw.

I just want to know why they don't have comic books in the library.


If you have a gun, you can shoot one, two, three, five people; but if you
have an ideology and stick to it, thinking it is the absolute truth, you
can kill millions.

				--Thich Nhat Han, "Being Peace"

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