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--- Melissa Proffitt <Melissa at> wrote:
> The guy who
> loaned us the Sandman books
> owned all of them; I don't remember how many issues
> there were, but it's
> about 80 or so, and they're in like 8 or 9 bound
> volumes.  Search
> using "Sandman" or "Neil Gaiman" and you'll find the
> titles.

There are 75 issues of Sandman, plus two 3-issue
series featuring Death.  Each Death series has been
bound into its own volume, and there are 10 Sandman
bound volumes.  There is also a separate, later
Sandman book called The Dream Hunters which is more of
an illustrated short story than a bound comic, and
does not fall at a specific place in the story arc of
the main series.  It is good, though not entirely
essential, to read the Sandman volumes in order.  The
exception to this is the last two volumes (The Kindly
Ones and The Wake), which really should be read in
order, and after having read all the other volumes. 
The first volume in the series is "Preludes and

Ob DWJ: One of the other comics Neil Gaiman worked on
was The Books of Magic, and in the front of the first
volume he mentions Diana as one of the four witches
(the others being, iirc, Terri Windling, Patricia C.
Wrede, and Jane Yolen).

another comics-addict.  my favorites include:

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac
Kingdom Come
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Strangers in Paradise [this is one of the best comics
ever... it's a modern-day storyline focusing on three
characters and their relationships, and it is
glowingly good... The Sandman is the only comic i've
read which i can say for sure might be as good or
Girl Genius
Knights of the Dinner Table

i also like, among others:
Gloom Cookie
Charm School
Little Gloomy
Ah My Goddess
Blue Monday
Inu Yasha

online comics i sometimes frequent (is that an
Sluggy Freelance
User Friendly
Exploitation Now
Lethal Doses (now defunct)

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