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christian nutt ferricide at
Mon Jan 14 23:07:18 EST 2002

>From: Elizabeth Parks Just been to Amazon to look up the title of my 
>favorite of his books (say
>what you will, it's a nice resource) and I have found it: Sixth Grade
>Secrets.  It's about two clubs in a sixth grade class and I don't remember
>why I loved it so much, exactly, but I've read it a dozen times,

i used to read louis sachar's books when i was around the target age (say, 
11-12) and i really liked them at the time. i cried when i read "there's a 
girl in the boy's bathroom" actually. the only one i still have is "sixth 
grade secrets" and i really enjoy it to this day. it's one of the classics i 
read a youngster i still bust out for fun. classics to me, anyway. =)


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