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Mon Jan 14 18:07:48 EST 2002

--- Elizabeth Parks <mep3 at> wrote:
> And I've gotten caught in Amazon.  I was just
> wondering if any of you had
> read the Princess Diaries or seen the movie.

i've both read the book and seen the movie.  it took
me a number of surreptitious readings of the cover
blurb and finally a discussion with two very cool
children's bookstore clerks (who explained how they
loved it and had had to go out and buy copies for
their younger sisters right away) to allow myself to
acquire a copy of this [admittedly extremely pink]
book.  it turned out to be quite lovely, with vibrant,
smart (and smart-ass) characters.

i did not hate the movie, but that is only because i
have a strangely high tolerance for hollywoodification
and sappy romances.  they did take out many of the
parts of the book that i really liked, and emphasized
the sickly sweet parts rather too much.  and i hate
hate hate movie makeovers.  so... shiny and fake, ugh.
 on the other hand, the acting was surprisingly
tolerable and in and of itself the movie has some
things to recommend it.  unfortunately, it's also
horribly disappointing because the book *could* have
been made into a really *good* movie.  ah well.

> if you're in the
> mood for a short acerbic teen book (why is 'teen' or
> 'young adult' a
> derogetory term in the publishing industry?), do not
> let the shiny pink
> cover put you off.

i second this. and i also note that there are combat
boots on the back cover, which are happily more
representative of the tone of the book.

re: lizzie's earlier comment about the DeClements
i remember reading those long ago and enjoying them
very much.  they're definitely in the top skim of that
realistic-YA genre.  in some ways quite typical, but
of high quality.


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