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Mon Jan 14 18:00:13 EST 2002

Hi all - I haven't written in ages and ages, and the message I'm replying 
to is old as well (I haven't read my dwj mailbox for about a month!)  BUT 
this message below is EXACTLY what I discussed with my father over the 
phone last night!  First, that the movie wasn't perfect (which I think 
ultimately pleases me, because it allows me to keep all of my own images 
and ideas), second, that the second viewing was much better because I 
wasn't so damned worried about it - "will it be ok????".   The one that 
really gets me though is that I was telling my dad how I had always 
disliked Boromir because he was seems so flawed, so weak in Tolkein's 
writing, but in the movie you see him as a person, and potentially a really 
good one at that, who is driven by very serious needs - his land, which he 
loves with all his heart, is horribly threatened and beginning to 
fail.  And here is this amazingly powerful ring which could (as he sees it) 
save all he loves.  When everyone tells him it can't be, that the ring must 
be destroyed, does he rage and try to steal the ring?  No, even though he 
through the heart of him thinks it is wrong, he still helps on a quest he 
thinks is complete folly.

  As a kid, my favorite character was Frodo.  As a young teenager I loved 
Legolas and Aragorn (I WANTED to walk on snow!).  As a twenty-something I 
really appreciated Samwise (he has a really good head on his shoulders!), 
and I admit I was kind of annoyed by Frodo.  Now, and I think mostly 
because of the movie, I really feel for Boromir, the one character who is 
truly human, and the terrible position he was in....

so, sorry to be so late in replying to this, but I couldn't resist!  The 
movie had amazing visuals and was a pleasure to watch, but more importantly 
to me it's gotten me thinking about new aspects of the characters that I 
hadn't considered before.  Yay!

~ erin

At 02:48 PM 12/23/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>On Sun, 23 Dec 2001, Sophie Liebregts wrote:
>|Anyway, I cannot make up my mind whether to go and the
>|the Lord of the Rings film. The problem is that I have
>|seem the trailers and it does not at all match what is
>|in my head. This is no criticism of the film at all,
>|people will just imagine thing differently.
>My $0.02.  I loved it.  It was flawed, but I loved it.  I liked
>it better on a second watching, though, because I could stop
>flipping about the things that were different (be warned --
>Lothlorien is *strange*) and just enjoy the film for what it was.
>And some of the different stuff was terrific.  I have never liked
>Boromir, but the film Boromir was wonderful, and I liked him,
>lots, tragic flaw and all.  And Frodo and Gandalf had a lovely
>ObDWJ:  When I came home and sat around with my friends flipping
>through Fellowship and the Silmarillion and the Tolkein
>Companion, I decided I needed a break from traditional epic
>fantasy -- so I read Dark Lord and Year of the Griffin over the
>weekend.  ;)  It was a great transition.
>NotDWJ-At-All:  Queen of Attolia is out in pb, so I've finally
>read it.  Yowzers.
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