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Elizabeth Parks mep3 at
Mon Jan 14 17:19:18 EST 2002

And I've gotten caught in Amazon.  I was just wondering if any of you had
read the Princess Diaries or seen the movie.  I read the first book right
about when it came out--it was fronted out at a local Barnes and Noble, so
I sat and read it despite the shiny pink cover.  And I actually rather
liked it.  The movie disgusted and appalled me.  I've seen it three times.
I took my cousin to see it with my mother, and they both loved it, so my
mother got it on dvd for Christmas.  It can go between her copy of Matilda
and her new version of the Parent Trap.  But I digress.  For beneath the
shiny pink exterior of the (American version of) the book, I found glimpes
of biting sarcastic humor and a potrayal of a New York girl who REALLY
reminds me of a friend of mine who is now thirteen and lives in NYC (I
nearly cursed in the movie theatre when it opened on San Francisco.  I
refrained only because of the six year old girls right in front of me).  I
truly hated the Disnification of that book; I mean, with a title like the
Princess Diaries and a cover with a crown I thought it was going to be
trash.  And while it doesn't make my top ten of all time list I did rather
like it.  Disney took the names and the basic plot elements and created a
story with none of the vivacity.  And I fear that this is turning into an
anti-Disney rant (I have become even more prone to them since spending New
Years in Walt Disney Land), so I will now stop with this: if you're in the
mood for a short acerbic teen book (why is 'teen' or 'young adult' a
derogetory term in the publishing industry?), do not let the shiny pink
cover put you off.


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