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> Um. . . this isn't quite the same, but I came across
> a doujinshi (ametaur
> comic done by fans and actually published and sold)
> that was for Harry
> Potter.  I'd be willing to be that Howl ones will
> come out after the
> movie.  

Actually, there is already one.  And it's not
yaoi/shounen ai that I can tell.  (Though I've seen
some sketches of Calcifer as a young man.)


There are some samples.  The first five links on the
page lead to the doujinshi cover, the opening page, a
gag strip involving Sophie and Calcifer in human form,
another gag strip involving Howl on a date with a
witch (the Witch of the Waste, I think), and the
beginning of a 16-page parody story, with a bit of
seriousness, involving Miss Angorian, Howl and Wales. 

The sixth link is to a color sketch of Calcifer in
human form.

This person has a DWJ page as well, with more links to
sketches for other series.


First link is to a mini-page for the Chrestomanci
series  (there's a doujinshi for this one too).  The
other is the Howl page we just came from.

The next links are to gifts--artwork given by various
people to the website owner.  The first one is
Chrestomanci from Charmed Life.  The second one is a
color parody comic strip about the way Chrestomanci
dresses.  It's based on a scene from Charmed Life, I'm

The third one consists of detailed black & white
character sketches.  First one is from Charmed Life. 
In the top pic, clockwise from the first girl,
Gwendolen, Cat, Janet.  I think someone will have to
identify the elegantly attired woman, because I can't
read the caption or I don't remember the name
(Bessema?).  Then Millie and Chrestomanci.  The second
one seems to be Gwendolen and Bessema from another
angle.  In the third sketch, based on Howl's Moving
Castle, is the Witch of the Waste, Fanny, Martha,
Lettie, and Sophie.

I don't know where the fourth one comes from.  It's
about gingerbread men.

The fifth one has some more character sketches from
Charmed Life.  First one is several looks at
Chrestomanci.  The second one is of Michael Saunders
(hope I remembered the name correctly--he's the
tutor), Janet, and Cat.

The sixth one is of Howl and Sophie.

The seventh one is of Chrestomanci with
shoulder-length black hair.  

The eighth one is of Christopher and the Goddess from
the Lives of Christopher Chant.

The next section are a few sketches done by the
webmaster.  First one is from Fire and Hemlock--Thomas
Lynn and Polly.  Second one is from Wild Robert, which
I haven't read at all, though I'm starting to want to.
 It's of Robert and a Prince, I think.  The third one
is Flowers in the Night and Abdullah from Castle in
the Air.  (In Japanese, 
Flower-in-the-Night is written with the characters for
"night", "to bloom", and "flower")

On the Chrestomanci page: 


First link is to a page on Witch Week.  There's an
illustration of Chrestomanci.  If you continue onto
the next link at the bottom of *that* page, you'll get
to a gag strip of Chrestomanci.  I think it had
something to do with his dressing gown.  (No wonder he
has such magnificent dressing gowns if he never knows
when he'll be summoned.)

You should go back to the Chrestomanci page by backing
up.  (The index link leads back to the main menu
rather than the dwj or Chrestomanci page.)

Second link on Chrestomanci page is for The Lives of
Christopher Chant, and there is a color illustration
of Christopher, his uncle Ralph, and I'm assuming the
girl is the goddess (she has a book in hand), but I'm
not sure.  Since Millie is so plain and plump in the
other books, I've been thinking that's the way the
goddess should look too.

Third link on Chrestomanci page is for Charmed Life. 
There's Chrestomanci, Cat, and from the expression on
her face, I'd say that was Gwendolen.

The next section on the Chrestomanci page are scans
from the doujinshi.  First one is of Gwendolen making
threats, I think.  Second one is a gag strip, but I
don't get it.  Third one is the cover illustration
without the background or title.  It's of Gwendolen
and Cat.  Fourth one is a two-page opening to a
four-page story.  I think it follows a scene from the
book pretty closely--the incredible dressing gown
scene?  The fifth link is about Howl, which happens to
be the artist's new interest.  I think the Howl
doujinshi is about Howl's romance with Miss Angorian. 

And that's about it for the DWJ content on this page.


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