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> you may not wanna read this part: m/m relationship
> discussion and spoilers
> for Howl

And Castle in the Air too.



> their sexuality.  The
> Howl/Calcifer relationship which has unhealthy
> elements (well, look what
> happened to the witch of the waste!) could easily be
> made to have a
> romantic/sexual element.  As for Calcifer not being
> human, well, any
> inventive storyteller could think of a way around
> that, esp since Miss
> Angorian turns out to be a fire demon.

Actually, there *is* a Howl doujinshi, which is full
of various gag strips, but I don't think there is any
m/m pairings.  There are even a few pics of Calcifer
in human form.  I was going to post the link and
commentary to the webpage a bit later.  The artist has
a page devoted to Howl and Chrestomanci and the rest
of DWJ books.  

You know, one of my favorite Howl and Calcifer scenes
was from the end of Castle in the Air when Howl and
Calcifer are returned to their proper forms and seem
to be angry with one another.  Even then, they were
like best friends who were mad at each other.  They
got mad, and then they started laughing and were
friends again.


> Howl/Michael, for example, because Howl/Sophie is so
> perfect (though the
> first time I read the book it somehow took me by
> surprise.  Good surprise.
> I didn't catch on until the scene in the garden. 
> Maybe that's one reason
> I like it so much).

I like Howl/Sophie a lot too.  We didn't get to see
much of Sophie and Howl as a proper couple in HMC, so
it was nice to see them in Castle in the Air.  When
Sophie is describing Howl to Abdullah ("He's sly and
selfish and vain as a peacock and cowardly, and you
can't pin him down to anything.") and he asks her why
she speaks of his vices so proudly and she replies:
"What do you mean, vices?  I was just describing
Howl."  And when he was returned to his proper form,
Sophie just ran towards him before the smoke even


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