Best of 2001

Sophie Liebregts s_liebregts at
Sun Jan 13 12:23:24 EST 2002

 --- Ven  wrote: 
 > The one which most fits this was Esther Freud's The
> Wild -- not sf 
> fantasy but with a theme from norse mythology,
> basically Loki as 
> the outsider in the family. Gently ironic picture of
> the Steiner 
> movement too. I'd read it again but its currently on
> loan to someone 
> in Brighton whose kid goes to a Steiner school (she
> liked it). 
And then Sophie replied quite out of the blue: Hey ,
who do you know in lovely Brighton? I feel I know half
the town (wild exgerration) and I also know someone
whose kid goes to the Steiner school....Sorry, this is
really off topic, but although Ireland has been good
to me, I miss Brighton terribly and am visiting there
on the 22nd of this month. Maybe I could read the book
next, sounds good like good stuff anyway.


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