Japanese fanart for DWJ (Was Re: intro & Howl and re:japan edition of charmed life

christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 12 22:46:06 EST 2002

digression into japanese comic subculture warning!

yaoi/shonen ai is one of the mainstays of the doujinshi scene. i would be 
ENTIRELY unsurprised if they explored that idea when creating howl 
doujinshi. the most likely to me seems to be howl and michael. in fact, who 
else could it be? =)


there are some rather interesting essays by a cultural anthropologist (and 
manga fan) living in japan at that URL.


>Um. . . this isn't quite the same, but I came across a doujinshi (ametaur
>comic done by fans and actually published and sold) that was for Harry
>Potter.  I'd be willing to be that Howl ones will come out after the
>movie.  The Hari Potta ones are for sale at www.aestheticism.com; I will
>warn you all that this is a yaoi/shonen ai site, which means that it
>focuses on male/male relationships (shonen ai meaning boy love).  I'm not
>sure if the dj's are yaoi, but it's quite possible.  I have seen Harry/Ron
>pairings before. . . . somehow it just doesn't work for me, though.
>I wonder who they'll slash for 'Howl?''
>. . . ooh, I don't like that.
>Lizzie, now disturbed.

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