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--- Lucien <tubbydome at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello 
> Venkarel - thanks a lot for the fanart link. Do send
> over any more if you find them - I just love
> Japanese
> fanart but being Japanese-impaired, that impedes me
> quite a bit.

I'd say try Altavista's Babel Fish, but I did, and it
was pretty much gibberish, as if it were translated by
a drunk computer.

Okay--this site has more general Diana Wynne Jones
fanart--less anime-style.


Look under gallery.  The first pic is of Janet Chant. 
The artist commented that it was originally supposed
to be Gwendolen, but the expression just wasn't right
so it became Janet.  

The second is Sally from Time of the Ghost.  All that
text underneath is mostly talking about the artist's
feelings about Time of the Ghost and DWJ books.  

The third one is a page of sketches of various
characters, intended to be used as icons for a BBS.  I
can only identify the ones with the pink arrows. 
Charles is the first one, then Chrestomanci, Calcifer,
and Monigan.

The fourth one is called Bathroom.  It's Cat after he
struck a match.  I don't have Charmed Life with me, so
I can't check where this scene comes from.  Most of
artist's comments were about the two different
editions of Charmed Life (see below); the artist
seemed to prefer the old one, admitting that she was
used to that one and so was speaking from a weak
position.  I don't really know what she was talking
about, but there is a big difference in the atmosphere
of the two editions.

BTW, if you want information about Japanese editions
of DWJ books, this page has a list, except for the new
Charmed Life.  It was originally published as 26 Coven
Street, which is now out of print.  I think the new
Charmed Life is a new translation, and hence the new
title.  Oh, and the Magicians of Caprona are supposed
to come out in spring 2002 under the title Tonino's
Singing Magic.


This is a nice, illustrated (anime-style) site for
Howl.  The text just comments on Howl's character,
which we're all familiar with.   The two illustrations
are based on specific scenes in the book.  The first
one is Howl saying no to a clean bedroom.  The second
is Howl selling flowers--making sure the lady goes off
with at least twice the flowers she'd originally
intended to buy.


(who had never considered trying to look for Japanese
fanart for DWJ before coming across that earlier link)

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