Ellen Raskin (was a long list of re:s)

Rebecca Ganetzky Rebecca.Ganetzky at oberlin.edu
Tue Jan 8 20:05:50 EST 2002

Oh, Melissa, you pain me; the Mysterious Disappearance of Leon (I mean
Noel) is one of my _all time_ favorite books.  The art is particularly
priceless, but I always read it when I'm feeling not-so-great and it makes
me happy!  I would offer Christian my extra copy, but unfortunately one of
"my" little brothers got it.  (Nearly "my".  Well, almost "my".  You can
tell who
was disappointed her parents didn't have more kids.  :-(  )
Figgs and Phantoms is def. worth a read; I hated it as a small child and
loved it as a middle schooler, but it didn't make my list of
take-to-school books.
That's actually all of read by her.
Isn't WG great, tho?  I love the word plays.  And oh, the characters.  I
still call one of my friends, Josefina, Josie-Jo Ford.  Anyway, I needed
to ramble about a favorite book today, but I'll shut up now.

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