intro & Howl and re:japan edition of charmed life

christian nutt ferricide at
Tue Jan 8 05:54:06 EST 2002

welcome to the list, venkarel!

>There is some fanart for Howl out there--it's a
>Japanese site.  Just click on the links at the bottom
>where it says Howl's Moving Castle:

that's some cute fanart. i'm a particular fan of the harry potter fanart at (which is rather offtopic.) to go more offtopic 
(and no one will even understand it, probably!) the art on is 
by koge-donbo, the character designer of digi-charat. i reccomend that 
anyone who likes HP check it out, although it might seem kind of odd to 
people who aren't used to anime.

the howl fanart on that page is really neat; it's so much fun to see 
anime-style fanart of DWJ books. i really, really like the last picture, ... sophie's 
expression is pretty priceless.

>BTW, the Japanese edition of Charmed Life is Majo to
>Kuraseba, which seems to translate to "If you live
>with a witch"  The Japanese title for Fire and Hemlock
>is "Magic of the Ninth Year"  I think all their titles
>have been quite descriptive.

thanks for the info.


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