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I've been reading through the ML archive for a few
months now since my interest in Diana Wynne Jones
online was reawakened by Neil Gaiman and the news that
Studio Ghibli was planning on animating Howl's Moving
Castle.  (Being both an anime fan and a DWJ fan, it's
the best of two worlds :)  It was getting harder and
harder not to join in, especially since I've found
myself reading a lot of DWJ books, some of them for
the second or third or fourth time...and several of
them for the first time.  Most recent reads were
Dogsbody, Aunt Maria (Black Maria), Hexwood, Castle in
the Air.  Reading (and rereading) so many DWJ books in
such a short time, I am in awe at her creativity and
skill. I was really impressed by Dogsbody because I
really felt like I was seeing things through the eyes
of a dog.   I also picked up a few recommendations,
like Megan Whalen Turner's The Thief and the Queen of
Attolia.  I'm rather hoping for a sequel.

Howl's Moving Castle is one of my favorite books, at
first because I liked the way fairy tale conventions
were twisted and then later because I really liked
Sophie and Howl.  I was disappointed with Castle in
the Air for the longest time because I kept looking
for Howl and resented Abdullah.  Once I got over that,
I enjoyed it as well, but I still liked the last few
scenes the best because Howl and Sophie were in them.

There is some fanart for Howl out there--it's a
Japanese site.  Just click on the links at the bottom
where it says Howl's Moving Castle:

BTW, the Japanese edition of Charmed Life is Majo to
Kuraseba, which seems to translate to "If you live
with a witch"  The Japanese title for Fire and Hemlock
is "Magic of the Ninth Year"  I think all their titles
have been quite descriptive.


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