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Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) Kylie.Ding at
Mon Jan 7 22:17:17 EST 2002

> > 
> > > Book I Had the Most Fun Reading:
> > 
> The Truth, which i would have read twice back to back if I hadn't 
> had to lend it out almost as soon as I finished. And Robin Hobb's 
> Ship of Destiny, which I would also say was the book which most 
> satisfied my anticipation.

I preferred Thief of Time to The Truth.  Not that any Discworld book is
anything other than very entertaining!

And yes, Ship of Destiny was great.  It is so nice to read a trilogy that
just keeps getting better!  Seems to happen rarely.

> Another sub category -- biggest tease of the year -- the book most 
> eagerly anticipated, which gave something other than what you 
> thought you wanted -- and left you with even more longing for the 
> next one. Steven Brust's Issola. I love those books. Irrc there was 
> some discussion of Issola on this list, could anyone remember the 
> date (ish) so i could go and look it up? 
> > 

Oh yes!  Brust keeps doing completely unexpected and generally wonderful
things with each book!

The discussion would have been after I read it, which would have been
sometime in early August.

And to add my 2c over Ash - I loved it too.  I read huge chunks of it at
once and it kept surprising me.  Every time I thought I'd worked out where
it was going it took a turn and ended up somewhere completely different.


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