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Mon Jan 7 21:56:14 EST 2002

> > Best Book of the Year: This is usually a book that a) I was unable
> to stop
> > reading until it was finished and b) I could not stop talking about
> to other
> > people after I'd finished it and c) left me feeling physically and
> > emotionally wrung out.

Probably Tim Power's Declare.

> > Most Addictive Book: This is a book that I read at least twice in a
> row
> > back-to-back, dreamed about, fantasized about, etc.
> Probably "Passage" by Connie Willis, which is also a contender for
> Best Book.

The one which most fits this was Esther Freud's The Wild -- not sf 
fantasy but with a theme from norse mythology, basically Loki as 
the outsider in the family. Gently ironic picture of the Steiner 
movement too. I'd read it again but its currently on loan to someone 
in Brighton whose kid goes to a Steiner school (she liked it). 

> > Most Unexpected Discovery:
> I think this has to be Philip Pullman's "His Dark Materials" trilogy,
> which I heard people raving about on several mailing lists, so picked up
> when I saw it in the library - and now own my own set.

I dunno if it is unexpected when loads of people have recomended 
it <g> but mine was Peg Kerr's Wild Swan's Rising. 
It's an interleaving of two stories derived from Andersen's The Wild 
Swans, one following it very closely in early puritan america  and a 
contemporary take that is quite different.

That leads me to an additional category -- reread that turned out to 
be better than you remember -- Emerald House Rising -- Kerr's first 
> > Biggest Disappointment:

I'm glad I didn't read that Sterkarm thing.......... Will Shetterly's 
Chimera -- derivative fluff from someone who should know better. 
Made all the right moves but had nothing below the surface. This 
Boy Can Do Better. I wonder if he'd had it lying about in  a drawer 
for years, only thing that would explain it. .
Sequel to dogland wanted please.
> > Book I Had the Most Fun Reading:

The Truth, which i would have read twice back to back if I hadn't 
had to lend it out almost as soon as I finished. And Robin Hobb's 
Ship of Destiny, which I would also say was the book which most 
satisfied my anticipation.

Another sub category -- biggest tease of the year -- the book most 
eagerly anticipated, which gave something other than what you 
thought you wanted -- and left you with even more longing for the 
next one. Steven Brust's Issola. I love those books. Irrc there was 
some discussion of Issola on this list, could anyone remember the 
date (ish) so i could go and look it up? 


The truth will make ye fret

Terry Pratchett, The Truth.
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