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Mon Jan 7 05:56:34 EST 2002 has updated with some info about the howl's moving castle film.

interestingly, the film is entitled "hauru no ugoku shiro" (which actually 
means 'howl's moving castle.') the book is entitled "mahoutsukai hauru to hi 
no akuma" which means "wizard howl and the fire demon." i suspect that the 
movie may deviate from the book, so don't get your hopes up for something 
too literal. that's usual, but with studio ghibli i feel they might be less 
interested in doing it literally even than your average book-to-movie deal. 
this is pure speculation, though.

(cut and pasted from,40381, 

"Hauru no Ugoku Shiro (Howl's Moving Castle)"

Based on a novel by Diana Wynne Jones
Directed by Mamoru HOSODA ("Digimon the Movie")
Script by Reiko YOSHIDA
Supervising Animator: Katsuya KONDO ("Kiki's Delivery Service")
Exective Producer: Hayao MIYAZAKI
To be released in the spring of 2003 by Toho.

you can see the tiny, japanese snippet at:

which says the same stuff, but in japanese, with the addition of a snippet 
about the plot. (and i do mean a snippet!) you're going to have to excuse my 
entirely lousy, computer-aided japanese here.

"Studio Ghibli's next project!! By means of a witch's curse, young
Sophie is changed into a 90 year old woman...!?"

there's one pitifully small image of the castle,

i wouldn't over-analyze this image not only because it's tiny but also 
because the japanese tend to release images that don't represent the final 
product when they do release stuff early ... they just want to give you a 
"sense" of what you're looking forward to.

the supervising animator is katsuya kondou, who as noted, 
worked on kiki's delivery service (my favorite ghibli film out of the few 
i've seen, and a film i've recommended to this mailing list before -- 
definitely try and get ahold of it! it's out in the US on VHS.) that makes 
me expect that his style might influence the production, although the 
character designer isn't revealed (he did the character designs for kiki as 
well as serving as a key animator, and also a key animator of princess 
mononoke.) studio ghibli currently holds the all-time #1 (2001's spirited 
away) and #3 (1997's princess mononoke) films in japan (titanic is #2.)

i'll keep everyone abreast of the latest information as it comes.


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