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On Monday 07 January 2002 06:38, Robyn Starkey wrote:

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> >Most haunting book: This is not necessarily one I liked best, but
> > which sticks with me. Mary Gentle's Ash. I'm not sure whether I
> > enjoyed it or not, but bits of the story keep popping up in my
> > head, maybe because I find the "alternate history" idea so
> > intriguing.
> I have to comment on this one, because I read about 2/3 of Ash and
> then just couldn't cope with it any more. The whole
> frame/"alternate history" thing didn't work for me at all. Possibly
> because I am too close to the academic medieval history reality.

I'm not, and me too. It's a pity, because if it was straight 
alternate-history I'd devour it. It's still on my to-read pile 
waiting for me to get up courage to finish it.

> >Best discovery: Connie Willis. 

I also discovered Connie Willis (enjoyed _Bellwether_ most, _Doomsday 
Book_ and TSNOTD tie, couldn't make head or tail of _Passage_), but 
my *very* best discovery is Caroline Stevermer. I got _When the King 
comes home_ for St. Nicholas and we immediately ordered _A College of 
Magics_ that I just managed to finish in 2001 :-)


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