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Rosie Burroughs rosieburroughs at
Sun Jan 6 07:23:09 EST 2002

Favourite (new) book of 2001: Tamora Pierce's Squire. I love it, keep
re-reading it, and Kel is one of my favourite heroines. It is refreshing to
have one who can't depend on magic! McKinley's Spindle's End would probably
run this one very close if I hadn't been reading it in adverse circumstances
(on the bus back from Oxford, one hour after getting engaged!).

Most haunting book: This is not necessarily one I liked best, but which
sticks with me. Mary Gentle's Ash. I'm not sure whether I enjoyed it or not,
but bits of the story keep popping up in my head, maybe because I find the
"alternate history" idea so intriguing. Runner-up was The Sterkarm

Biggest disappointment: The Amber Spyglass. I enjoyed it, and it was good in
its own way, but not up to the first two books.

Best discovery: Connie Willis. Though I might have read To Say Nothing of
the Dog the previous year, in which case Doomsday Book and Bellwether tie.
Runner-up was Flora Thompson's Lark Rise to Candleford.

Best re-discovery: Winter Rose by Patricia McKillip. I read it under
different adverse circumstances (the weekend of my best friend's wedding,
for which I was bridesmaid) and wasn't too impressed, but on re-reading (to
decide whether to keep it) I thought it was excellent. I am now looking
forward to the other book of hers I own, which is lurking somewhere at the
bottom of my second "books waiting to be read" pile because I only received
it last Christmas...

Best non-fiction: The Cloister Walk, by Kathleen Norris. I love this book.
It is a Protestant writer's account of her explorations into spirituality
while visiting monasteries. I love it so much I can't say much about it, but
it's up there on my desert island books list along with things like Fire and

Haven't read any new DWJs this year - the depressing side of owning nearly
everything she's written - and I don't understand this guilty pleasures
category! I don't feel guilty about reading anything, except wonderful new
acquisitions when my library books are piling up and getting overdue!


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