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Rebecca Ganetzky Rebecca.Ganetzky at
Sat Jan 5 19:10:26 EST 2002

Good Morning, and Welcome!  As to the cover, I am also quite fond of that
one.  It is far better than any other I have seen (Except perhpas the
cover on the first copy I read.  Hmmm, can't picture it right now.  It was
hard cover and predominantly white; labeled "Aunt Maria".  Has anyone any
clue as to which one
I'm on about?) It is also the cover on my copy of Black Maria (for which
I'm extremely grateful to Sally!)  On to your other question.  Err
(Hopefully that's enough for y'all.  If it isn't, I'm dreadfully sorry.)
My interp of Mig becoming one of the Mrs. Urs (Mrs. Urs?  On the by and
by, where did the term "mrs. Urs" come from.  I never got that.  Sorry, in
case you haven't noticed, I have a marked tendency to digress.) was that
Aunt Maria was planning on Mig to take over as heir for her and in order
for her to do that she had to have Naomi's place among the Mrs. Urs.
Symbolically, I s'pose it's about Mig realizing that she, too, has power,
and that her rescuing Antony Green represents one of the "women of the
city" rescuing him.  Sorry if that makes little sense, my copy's still at

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