Best of 2001

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Fri Jan 4 18:02:03 EST 2002

[Apologies if this comes in twice - got the gave up message first 
time so it shouldn't]


>  >Most fun reading - possibly Janet Evanovich, _Seven Up_, which I
>>refuse to put in the guilty pleasures category.
>Funny, I don't feel guilty about Evanovich either.  I suppose because
>romance novels carry this sort of disreputability about them that thrillers
>don't.  Or possibly I just have unattributed guilt to parcel out.  :)

Lol.  JE *did* start life as a romance writer, as you probably know. 
I'd love to find some of her romances, or at least hear from someone 
who's read them.  I think the chances of any ever turning up here are 
small, so I'd have to order them from the States.  That would make it 
a guilty pleasure!

Oddly enough, fate or something seems to want to fill my guilty 
category for 2002.  I went to AlexLit, got a set of recs (which I 
haven't done for a while), went through about 5 pages rating a few 
things - nothing even remotely romancey.  Then I went off and 
searched a few books and then got recs again.  The first book on my 
list *had* been an Antonia Fraser, The Cricket Term_, I think, but 
the second time that was number three.  Number one was a Laura 
Kinsale, Flowers in/of/for the Storm (something like that - I've read 
it, just can't remember the title exactly) and the second was a Mary 
Jo Putney.  How weird is that?  Then I went to Amazon, and on my 
books home page there was a big old bodice-buster cover picture - 
didn't even catch the name though I did notice the "sensuality 
rating" was a 9.  Probably too much for me...   :)


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