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Fri Jan 4 16:28:45 EST 2002

Ha! my modem is working again - all snags got worked out and still it would
not connect, it then turned out it was the LEAD, which worked perfectly well
with the old modem. Grrr. I note it sent the three emails I had waiting in
the outbox in the wrong order. Ah well.
Thanks for posting Maria's appeal for help - I actually wrote her a card
this Xmas. She is my oldest friend - we met when we were both 8 and we were
born 3 days apart. I am so crap at emailing/writing if it's in Polish, I
don't get to speak it often and it does get rusty. It's my native language,
so it shouldn't, but it does.
The best of 2001 thread is perfect for my book recommendation, so here goes.
I'm afraid that I cannot split the books I loved, or loved to hate, as
neatly as Melissa did. But His Dark Materials is one of the best things I
have EVER read (just like a reviewer quoted in the book says). Definitely
I finally got hold of DWJ's Tough Guide and I liked it so much that I bought
3 copies - one for me and 2 for friends. I do love the PanCelts. And the
horses which reproduce by pollination. Splendid.
I was somewhat disappointed by Gemmell's Ironhand's Daughter - my first
Gemmell. Vol. 2 languishes half-read. Shame.
Neil Gaiman's American Gods was v. good. It didn't read like a script for a
comic, which must represent a maturation of NG's writing craft. More please.
I had great fun reading the Lemony Snickett series (vols 1 and 2 so far).
Undemanding, but fun.
The Wind Singer was good the first time round, and then dear, darling BBC
Radio 4 serialized it, read by the author, and I liked it even more. This
one grew on me.
I enjoyed the books by Tamora Pierce - thanks, list!
And the latest discovery, the promised recommendation? I bought it for
myself for Xmas, so it just about made it into best of 2001. It is (ta
daaa!) Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines. Set in a distant, pot-apocalyptic
future, it has cities which run on wheels, hunting and devouring other
weaker cities. I strongly suspect that this was the book which was being
reviewed on Radio 4 (yes, I'm an addict. It's on all the time) and described
as "Pullmanesque" ([brackets alert again!] this seems to be a new English
adjective), but I only caught the end of it and missed the title. Be that as
it may, it's a great book and not at all derivative, read and enjoy!
And finally, if I may add another category, to wit, "Most anticipated book
to read in 2002", here are my nominations: Artemis Fowl by Eoin Coulfer
(sp?); the sequel to "The Wind Singer"; books by Megan Whalen Turner - as
recommended by this list; the new DWJ (if there is one, any word of that?);
and, yes, HP 5 -assuming it does come out this year.
That's all for now. Phew!

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