Best of 2001

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at
Wed Jan 2 18:31:29 EST 2002

Dorian contributed her list -

- and I found that I was (directly) responsible for her reading four 
of them.  Two in worst categories - oops.  But one was given with a 
warning, so It's Not My Fault! :)

Not organised enough to do a definitive list atm, but _Passage_ would 
also be a contender for most addictive for mine, or might head up a 
slightly different category, leaving _Queen of Atolia_ uncontested in 

I think _The Thief_ is my happiest discovery, because I'd heard 
nothing at all about it and just picked it up used, thinking it might 
be promising.  I love finding a favourite book that way.

Most disappointing is probably Tanya Huff's _Sing the Four Quarters_, 
bought after the rec by DWJ on the official site.  With a 
recommendation from her, I thought it couldn't possibly be less than 
wonderful.  It was *much* less than wonderful IMHO.  And that's the 
polite way of putting it...

Most fun reading - possibly Janet Evanovich, _Seven Up_, which I 
refuse to put in the guilty pleasures category.

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