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The question then follows on: what is the greatest number of editions of a
single DWJ book that people own?  I owned five different copies of Charmed
Life, but I gave one away for Christmas.  I own four copies of several of
the other books.

I want to get all the editions of all of the books!!!

DWJ Completeist

PS Best of 2001 - Lirael by Garth Nix.

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> Melissa said:  "Does anyone else obsess over owning 
> particular editions of books--
> certain bindings, certain cover art?  Or is it just me?"
> 'tain't just you, Melissa.  I highly doubt I'm the only 
> person on this list who must 
> confess to owning all of the Chrestomanci books PLUS both of 
> the new copies (with
>  two total volumes.)  And I was just considering buying 
> myself a new copy of F&H 
> (yes, purely because I can't stand the firey horse and 
> see-through dress, either) .  I
>  also have two copies of Crown of Dalemark (I couldn't resist 
> those nice blue 
> covers, with the mapish thing.  Much better than my random 
> cover the depicts 
> everyone so poorly.) and I'm secretly trying to procure a 
> copy of Power of thee 
> with the "Magic Quest" cover (actually, I want a complete set 
> of the Magic Quest 
> books, with those covers, but they're really old, and I've 
> only seen one apart from 
> my copy of Magicians of Caprona, and it was in a used 
> bookstore in the middle of 
> the Milwaukee airport, and I was trying to do other stuff, 
> like get on a plane, at the 
> time.)
> Anyway, my point is, yes, many of us try to get particular 
> editions of books.  
> -RDG
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