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Mon Feb 18 22:05:29 EST 2002


I'm finally introducing myself here :>
Name: Hemlocke (obviously, not my real name but I'm a bit shy...)

I'm a Singaporean and presently in my 5th year of medical school and DYING
to get out.... Not that working life is going to be great but at least I
know I passed my exams...

I just returned from an elective in Glasgow (nice!) and spent some time in
London after that (nice too). So am feeling particularly UK-philic at the

Age: 23

 Married: no.

 Children: no But will be an aunt really soon!

I discovered DWJ at 12 (Howl's Moving Castle). It's still my fave book from
her. Others would be 8DofL, Tale of Time City One, Dark Lord and Archer's
Goon. One thing that pleased me was that one of the side effects of Harry
Potter was the reprinting of her books. They weren't availabe in S'pore
previously (I had to get them all from the library!)  but now, my shelf is
finally filled with all the DWJ titles I ever wanted to own. Then of course,
came this list...

Favourite DWJ: HOWL!! I'm awfully fannish about Howl and have been going on
a rampage to get all my female friends to be Howl converts.

First DWJ novel: HMC.

Favourite authors: DWJ, Neil Gaiman, Philip Pullman, Early Vampire
Chronicles Anne RIce, Garth Nix, JK Rowling, Mercedes Lackey, Oscar Wilde,

I do also like anime and manga - favourite anime being Neon Genesis
Evangelion and my favourite mangaka is CLAMP. I think only Christian is
getting what I'sm writing at the moment ^^ And one of my favourite movies of
2001 is Spirited Away. As such, I'm really looking forward to the anime
version of Howl's Moving Castle.

Re-reading: Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. I've FINALLY been to London, took the
tube and can now understand why there is an angel called Islington...

Number of books owned: too many. My mum has resorted to telling me not to
buy any more (not that I'm listening.

Favourite music: I'm not picky at all - anything from pop to R&B to
alternative. And japanese popular music. So my CD rack has things like U2
and Travis and even (horrors!) Backstreet Boys ^^

so that's it for now I think ^^

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