Library hold policy (was Re: freedom and necessity)

Elizabeth Parks mep3 at
Thu Feb 28 08:05:11 EST 2002

Venkarel wrote:
They often let
me check out the entire stack, even if it goes over
the ten-book/visit limit.       


Ten book limit?  Oh--my--eek!  That would be me going to the library
multiple times in one day to get around that!  I have enough trouble with
my library's fifty books at one time policy (though this is frequently
because they're lost under my bed or somewhere).

I'm one of those kids who used to beg for rides to the library and get
them, oh, maybe every two weeks.  I always wanted to move into one of the
houses nearby, and I swore that when I got my driver's license I'd be at
the library every day.  And lo and behold, I turned sixteen, and, well,
yes.  One of the first things I do every time I go home is head to the
library because it's so big and varied and completely utterly nifty :).  I
hated Northern Virginia for the first year or so I lived there--the only
part I loved was the library system.  Still do.  There's an online
catalogue where you can reserve lots and lots of books and then check to
see the status of all the books you have.  I didn't have my own library
card for a while (it had something to do with having a couple hundred
dollars in fines on it <wince>) and so I used my father's, mostly, and it
got to the point where most of the library staff called me William.

And then I went off to school in a teensy-weensy little dot on the
Massachusetts map and realized that, all college library stuff aside (and
compared to what I've seen at other schools, we actually had a decent
amount of fun books--a respectable collection of DWJ--mostly because we
shared with four other colleges) it wasn't like that 
everywhere. (And I'm especially spoiled because my aunt works for the
of Congress, and so when I couldn't find the Gemma books anywhere, or when
I had to know what happened to the Five Little Peppers (and has anyone
else read the end of that series, because it FREAKS ME OUT), she'd find
them for me)

So yes!  Libraries!  I have a sneaking suspicion that wherever I end up
living is going to be chosen largely on the basis of its library system.

lizzie, loving the Fairfax County Public Library even more from a


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