Library hold policy (was Re: freedom and necessity)

Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at
Thu Feb 28 05:18:59 EST 2002

---Original Message From: Melissa Proffitt
 Theoretically, if I were
> eeeeevil, I could browse the [hold] shelves and take someone else's
> holds, and they wouldn't have a clue until the real person
> came along looking for their book.  I wonder if they'd be
> able to cross-reference the missing book to me....

Jacob Proffitt wrote:
:I don't know.  They're pretty technologically advanced.  They might have
:those copies flagged to the user's account so that you'd get caught when
:you tried to check the book out. 

Yeah, that's how our computerised system works- a hold notice attaches
itself to the book's record, so that if somebody other than the person with
the hold tries to take it out, a message flashes up on the screen saying
"this book is on hold for so-and-so". It can be overridden, and obviously
the hold can be taken off the book if somebody hasn't picked it up! 
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