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Thu Feb 28 05:16:27 EST 2002

> I don't know.  They're pretty technologically advanced.  They might have
> those copies flagged to the user's account so that you'd get caught when
> you tried to check the book out.  That doesn't explain the extra
> paranoia on the Harry Potter books, though.  Unless they got tired of
> catching people cheating...

In our University's Library it works that way. Not that I wever thought of
them as "technologically advanced" :-) When you order a book it's already on
your account as "order" and only you can check it out. But you can use other
people's cards, I did it regularly for the Prof I work for. She's a woman too,
but I don't think they'd believe I'm her. (Her title is on the card).

The system was introduced so that less people would have to give out books,
and I find it rather annoying. Not because I've got to get the books myself,
but you have to leave you coat and bags outside this room, and the cloakroom
(wording??) won't take any valuable things, e.g. my laptop. Result: you leave
you bag and coat outside and get you books carrying you laptop, mobile,
purse (no handbags allowed either) etc. Very well organized, isn't it. Should I
ever drop somthing, I'll sue them. Harharhar. As my friend says: having
studied law must be good for something...

too much work, too less sleep = strange posts

Ob DWJ: Once I managed to leave the laptop at the bookclerk, by smiling
distractetly and saying, vaguely: As I can't leave it elsewhere, you'll take care
of it, won't you. And continuing into the book section. If I were
Chrestomanci, I could pull this stunt every time...

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